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Rafael Sarmento a dit…

(just wrote this in reply to you, on my blog)

AWWWW NO WAY, what a FREAKING coincidence - I was trying to find your blog for TWO MONTHS and I couldn't find you by "Fishbrain" - I'm FUCKING happy that you found me!!! I'll definetly link you to mine as well... damn I can't believe in this coincidence! Let's keep in touch mon ami, à bientôt! ;^P

(BTW, what AWESOME ARTWORKS you are making here man, I'm feeling SO BAD for loosing your link - but it's great to get updated with your stuff!!!)

akeno a dit…

Hey Feash!
Congratulations for the Naïmoka mention :)

akeno a dit…

Really thanks for your apreciatión about my vision of Ometochtli dude!

I use Hackintosh (mac Os over PC) since 3 years ago becouse my computer works 10 times slower with Windows, but isn't an iMac :)
The iMac is slow project, among other things that now I have an inflammation of the tendon of my left arm that now I try to heal.